Urgent Care with a Difference

No illness is minor until proven with time after the fact or time that the medical care was rendered was appropriate based upon the outcome. The most important part of any visit is the discriminatory eye of an experienced practitioner who can discern the simple from the hidden complexity of an illness that may be serious. All of our nurse practitioners are backed up continuously by experienced physicians and Dr. Bob Hughes and Dr. Hollis Clark who are the Medical Directors of our Urgent Care Center. We have been doing urgent care in our medical practice for almost 20 years and we have seen almost 2 million patient visits safely. We were the first in Western Kentucky to offer this extended service, and we were one of the first in the state of Kentucky.

All of our urgent care services are backed up by the latest technologies in the same setting should they be necessary to utilize. This is not only safer and more complete, but it is also a lot less expensive that other facilities who attempt to provide urgent care only to have to send you to the hospital. Hospital charges for the same services usually range from 4-6 times more than Urgent Care @ Primary Care.

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