Stability - Urgent Care at Primary Care Medical Center

Stability is an important for quality and personal care.

Primary Care Medical Center is known for its stability. We have had very few physicians leave our practice over at least 3 decades. This is in contrast to many practices where physicians and nurse practitioners come and go frequently for many reasons. This not only leads to instability within the practice but also providers that do not know the patients very well which can lead to mistakes in taking care of the overall patients and their needs now and for years. Some of our employees and doctors have been with us for up to 35 years.

How do we do this? We analyze carefully all new physicians we bring into our practice to get the best from the programs that they trained at. We want doctors and nurse practitioners to be with us for a long time and to be a major part of our community. All of us call Murray home, and we plan to do that even after we retire.

Our facility was built by one of the nation’s leading builders of medical buildings, Erdman and Associates. They have built for the Mayo Clinic and the Cleveland Clinic. Local subcontractors were used for all of the work with Erdman in charge overall. We have plans to add an additional 16,000 sq. ft. in the near future. Currently, it is in the architectural stage. We will also be adding additional parking. We will be offering more new service offerings for our patients to enhance our Complete Care Everyday reputation.

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