Cornerstones of the Best Healthcare

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Experts all agree that the biggest cornerstone of a quality health care delivery system is continuity. It is crucial that the system be integrated in an advanced computerized medical record system with all of your records secure in one location as opposed to being scattered in multiple facilities. When you are seen in our Urgent Care center, all of your records both the physicians notes and the simple and advanced diagnostics are in one place. This enables your physician at Primary Care Medical Center to see all of the medical information that has been created about you 7 days per week and after hours.

It is also very important that this information be coordinated and managed by an experienced primary care physician. The new delivery system brought about by health care reform are all moving rapidly towards this coordinated delivery system. At Primary Care Medical Center and our Urgent Care Center, we are staying on the cutting edge of the latest developments in technology and delivery models and systems. We have spared no expense that would compromise your care, and we never will in the interest of money or profitability. Many of our practices have been copied by some of the leading medical centers in the country including university health care systems and the Mayo Clinic.

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