Frequently Asked Questions

1.  I have not received my user name and password and it has been over one business day(Monday-Friday) since I requested it.

First, please check your junk mail.  We have had a few reports that emails have got placed in junk mail boxes.  If an email is not in there please complete the form once more, we admit in the beginning there were a few bugs in this system.  Once you complete the form you should receive a response from us by email with in a business day.  If not please contact the office at 270-759-9200 and ask for Jonathon, he we will be glad to assist you further.

2.  I cannot login using my user name and password.

If this is the case many times a reset of your password will fix this issue.  The quickest way to reset your password is to go to and reregister for a username.  When completing the form please add the words “reset password”  to your last name.  We will respond with a way to reset your password.

3.  I cannot find the app for my phone.

You do not add the Primary Care Everywhere app my going to the market place or the app store.  Please go to are website, www.primarycareeverywhere on your Smartphone device.  There will be a dialog box which will show you how to add the app to your homescreen.

4.  Do I have to have a separate user name and password for everyone in my family.

Many times we can combine children and parents’ accounts, certain rules do apply.  Husbands and wives legally don’t have the right to each other’s medical information due to HIPAA, therefore these accounts will stay separate unless written consent is given to Primary Care Medical Center.

5.  I cannot find my child’s records when I log in.

If your account and your child’s account is linked, then you will be able to change names using the drop down box show in the image below.  If your child’s name does not appear here please send us a message using the message center tab and we will assist you in fixing this issue.

6.  I cannot find my lab results.

Lab results are found under the menu Patient Chart and the tab Lab Results.  Please see Image Below.  Many of the menu objects have these light blue tabs including: Patient Dashboard, Patient Information, Message Center, Patient Appointments, Patient Chart, and Educational Material.  Please explore the site so that you can take full advantage of the information provided to you by Primary Care Everywhere’s patient portal.

7.  My lab results are not here.

All diagnostic testing including labs and image test must be approved by the doctor before patient has access to see them on Primary Care Everywhere.  The process between having the test done and the doctor approving it may take a few days.  If tests are not visible after a few days please send us a portal message and we will look into the issue.

8.  When I click on a lab result a message box pops up.

Lab Results are presented to you in PDF format.  If your computer has a PDF reader installed, you could be prompted to Open, Save or Cancel.  By choosing "Open", the PDF should launch with your computer's PDF reader software.  If you choose to "Save" the PDF instead, you will be prompted for a location on your computer to which you can save the PDF file.  You may see a warning when attempting to Open or Save a PDF file that indicates that some files can potentially harm your computer.  In this case, you can be sure that your Lab Results are coming from a trusted source and you should not be concerned with this warning.  If your computer does not have PDF reader software, this can be obtained, free of charge, from

9.  How do I know if my refill was sent to my pharmacy?

When you send in a refill request using Primary Care Everywhere our policy is to reply with a message detailing the action we took regarding that request.  If you don’t receive this message within one business day, you should verify with your pharmacy to see if they have the refill.  If the pharmacy does not have your refill, please call our office or send us a portal message regarding the refill request and we will get back to you as promptly as possible. 

10.  I never was contacted about my appointment request.

If your appointment request was successful, you should get a confirmation that looks like the image below.

  If you do not receive this message, your appointment request was not finalized.  We are working with our developer to get this function working correctly. Certain browsers such as Chrome and Firefox do not complete the request and do not give the confirmation.  If using Chrome or Firefox, you can view the open appointments and send us a message with the doctor, date and time request and we will be glad to aid you in making an appointment.  We will make an announcement through email when we have the issue with other browsers resolved.

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